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Obtaining Short-Term Disability Benefits

When a person suffers an injury that leads to a physical or mental disability, a number of complications can arise. One common problem that many in this situation face is the loss of the ability to work in a regular job, which might mean the inability to financially support oneself. When you cannot work in a job on your own because of a disability, you might have to search for other means of financial support, even if your disability is likely to be only of short duration. Many with disabilities, when they know that the disability will be only short-term, seek Social Security disability benefits. These disability benefits resemble the paychecks that a person would receive at a normal job, and might make a tough financial situation easier to face.

While getting short-term disability benefits seems like a great option, many people also struggle to receive them. There are many obstacles that an applicant for short-term disability benefits has to overcome in order to get the benefits, the largest of which is actual approval. Sometimes getting approval by the Social Security Administration (SSA) can be the hardest part of applying for short-term disability benefits.

Common Problems

Many people have been rejected by the SSA due to errors made on their forms when applying for Social Security benefits. Some of these problems might include:

  • Filling out the wrong application
  • Providing incorrect or exaggerated claim information
  • Making a mistake regarding personal information

These problems can result in an immediate rejection for short-term benefits. While a person can reapply, most want approval the first time around because getting short-term disability benefits can be a lengthy process to begin with, and if a delay occurs, this process can be extended to an even longer period of time.

Getting help with obtaining short-term disability benefits can be easier than you think. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury that led to a short-term disability, and you need help getting compensation, contact an experienced Social Security lawyer today to discuss strategies.

Social Security Benefit Rejections

Social Security benefits can be extremely important in maintaining a sense of financial security after a health complication creates an inability to work. Fortunately, by working with an attorney, many people are successful when applying for this type of support even if they face initial rejection. The Social Security Administration has strict requirements in place to oversee the application process, and most individuals are denied support the first time they apply.

Understanding the common cases of rejection can help address any problems in the paperwork in order to fix the issue and move forward with an appeal. By reviewing an applications rejection with a trusted lawyer, many people are able to successfully appeal the denial and receive the needed aid.

Common Causes of Rejection

Nearly 90 of applicants face rejection of benefits during their application. In some cases, the application is correct and simply requires another pass through the review board, but for some applicants, there are errors on their application or missing documents that are required in order to prove need. Some of the most common reasons for rejection include:

  • Errors on the application paperwork
  • Failing to provide documents in a timely manner
  • Missing medical records
  • Failing to adhere to required medical treatment for the ailment
  • Receiving income despite the disability

Applying for Social Security benefits is often a time-consuming and frustrating process. Because it is important for individuals to follow the application process exactly, working with an attorney is often the best way to increase the likelihood of success.

Contact a Lawyer

Anyone that has developed an illness or suffered an injury that prevents them from working should consider retaining the services of an attorney. With an experienced lawyer on your side, you may be able to expedite the application and needed appeals processes.