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Sexual Assault Or Molestation

Sexual assault and molestation are regrettably common crimes in America, frequently forcing the victims to endure severe physical and emotional trauma. These acts may be characterized by any form of unwanted sexual conduct, touching, or other activity, and frequently occur through force and abuse. Nobody should have to undergo such an experience, one for which there is no excuse for committing. In the unfortunate circumstances that an individual is subjected to sexual assault or molestation, they should not have to face their injuries and trauma alone. Victims of sexual assault and molestation have legal recourse to seek justice for the harmful crime committed against them, by holding the perpetrator liable for their medical bills and other losses.

Types of Abuse

Sexual assault and molestation are terms that do not refer to a specific act, instead used to describe a broad category of actions. Any action that forced, unwanted, and sexual in nature may constitute sexual assault and molestation. Following are several common types of abusive acts:

  • Rape
  • Unwanted physical contact
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Sexually abusing a child

Such actions are illegal and harmful, forcing victims to endure harm in several different ways. They are frequently forceful and unwanted, causing severe physical trauma and emotional distress. Additionally, they have a high risk of transmitting diseases and other health conditions that could have a lasting and adverse effect on the victims health.

Legal Options

If you have been the victim of sexual assault or molestation, you should consider holding the perpetrator liable for your medical expenses, trauma, and other losses. It may be in your best interest to enlist the services of a compassionate personal injury lawyer, who can help you protect your civil rights in court. Sexual assault and molestation may be treated as a civil or criminal case, and an experienced attorney can advise you on the best way to pursue the financial compensation that you may deserve.

Shoulder Drop-Off

Many roads provide drivers with a relatively safe area to pull over and leave the traffic lane, known as a shoulder. Shoulders provide a valuable service, in no small part due to the unpredictability of vehicle defects and malfunctions. However, shoulders are typically constructed of looser material than that of the road itself and are prone to eroding or otherwise dispersing, creating a hazardous situation referred to as should drop-off. When the shoulder is at a significantly lower elevation than the actual road, any driver attempting to use the shoulder is put at risk of losing control of their vehicle and suffering a dangerous accident. Local municipalities are responsible for providing adequate maintenance to all of their roads, and may have some liability in the event that such a road hazard caused an accident and subsequent injuries.

Common Causes of Shoulder Drop-Off

Road shoulders are typically constructed of an aggregate material, such as gravel, that will dissipate over time. While most shoulders will develop shoulder drop-off at some point, routine maintenance can prevent that road hazard from developing. When a municipal government fails to maintain its roads, some of the following effects may cause shoulder drop-off to occur:

  • Erosion by wind, water, and ice
  • Fine particle removal by truck drafts
  • Constant wear from traffic

Proving the cause of an accident can be difficult, but according to the website of the Law Offices of Abel Law Firm, accidents that are caused by shoulder drop-offs are entirely preventable and could cause an innocent driver to suffer significant injuries, property damage, and other losses. Fortunately, there are legal options available to victims of shoulder drop-off accidents that may enable them to pursue financial compensation from the negligent municipality. These options are there to help victims recover from their injuries more capably.

Legal Options

If you were injured in a car accident caused by shoulder drop-off, you should consider holding the associated municipal government liable for your medical bills and other losses. If you are considering taking legal action, it may be in your best interest to contact a personal injury attorney who can advise you on your legal options for pursuing the compensation that you may deserve.


Rabies is a serious infection that can be contracted by humans when they are bitten by an animal carrying the virus. Rabies is typically contracted by individuals who are bitten by wild animals such as foxes and skunks, but it can also be contracted if someone is bitten by a domestic dog who has the virus. Anytime someone is the victim of a dog bite, they should immediately take action to make sure they have not been infected, and if they are, make sure they receive the proper medical treatment.

Symptoms of Rabies

Symptoms of rabies do not show right away because there is a long incubation period between initial infection and illness. On average, people begin seeing signs within three to seven weeks, but it may take as many as seven years. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Drooling
  • Convulsions
  • Pain near the bite
  • Anxiety
  • Low fever
  • Spasms
  • Tingling and/or numbness
  • Restlessness
  • Difficulty swallowing

Anytime an animal bites you, it is important to get yourself checked out as soon as possible. Make sure that animal control is aware of the dangerous animal, whether it was a wild animal or a domestic dog. Animal control may temporarily confiscate the dog to determine whether it has rabies. When you visit a doctor, which should be as soon as possible, a test will be done to see if you have contracted the virus using saliva samples. Immediately after being bitten by a dog or wild animal, you should carefully clean the bite with soap and water. Once you visit your doctor, you will be tested and receive a vaccine for rabies. The sooner the vaccine is given, the better your chances of avoiding illness and even death due to rabies.

If you or a loved one was bitten by a dangerous dog or other animal in your neighborhood belonging to someone else, you may be entitled to financial compensation for the damage you have experienced as a result. To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact a Cincinnati dog bite lawyer.

Expert Witnesses And Your Medical Malpractice Case

When you go to the doctor for either a routine checkup or major surgery, you expect that these professionals will diagnose and treat you accurately and safely. Medical professionals, like doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, and surgeons go through years of schooling and training before they can receive a medical license to practice medicine professionally. Unfortunately, these medical professionals are not immune from making mistakes and putting your safety in jeopardy.

When careless or reckless medical professionals make mistakes, it could lead to serious repercussions that may drastically alter your life in every possible way. Fortunately, according to, you have options and can take legal action against these doctors or nurses to hold them liable. One way you can strengthen your medical malpractice case is by hiring an expert witness to testify on your behalf. Make sure you consult with a legal professional about the best expert witness for your case.

Why You Need an Expert Witness

Unlike other personal injury cases, medical malpractice lawsuits are often too complicated for many people to understand without the assistance and testimony of a medical professional. Choosing the right witness for your case is a major decision. These witnesses can greatly alter your case by addressing the following issues:

  • How the medical professional should have acted according to the standard of care
  • Details of how the professional deviated from the standard of care
  • Details of your injuries
  • Medical care to treat your injuries in the past and future
  • Future costs associated with your injury including treatment and medication costs

The right expert witness can greatly alter the course of your case so you can recover the necessary financial compensation to pay for additional medical expenses and lost wages.

Responding Appropriately To Road Rage

Driving can be a very stressful activity, especially during peak traffic hours where cars are stopping and starting repetitively and cutting in front of other vehicles. This stress can be very damaging to a drivers psyche and may cause him or her to experience road rage. When drivers experience road rage, they are far more likely to take risks or act aggressively behind the wheel. When this happens, the driver can commit a number of reckless driving acts, including speeding and maneuvering between lanes, that may increase the likelihood of a car accident occurring.

Drivers experiencing road rage not only put their own safety in jeopardy, but also the lives of every other driver he or she comes in contact with. These actions can eventually lead to serious accidents that may cause serious and life-altering injuries. One way you can reduce your risk of an accident is by knowing how to properly respond to a motorist experiencing road rage.

Avoiding Motorists with Road Rage

It is important to know how to respond in case you see a driver on the road acting aggressively. When you encounter these drivers, follow these tips so you can avoid an accident:

  • If someone is driving aggressively in front of you, hang back and do not get involved
  • If a motorist is tailgating you, pull over and let them pass. Do not slam on your brakes or speed up when they pass you.
  • If you have the urge to act aggressively, try to stay calm. Take a few deep breaths or listen to calming music.
  • If a car is weaving in and out of lanes, stay in your lane and give yourself plenty of room between you and the car in front of you

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident caused by a reckless driver, you may be eligible for financial compensation. Take legal action today and contact a car accident attorney to get started on your case.

Common Disabilities Caused By Brain Injuries

There are a number of different injuries one can potentially suffer in the event of an accident caused by someone elses reckless actions. These injuries range in severity depending on the accident and can include lacerations, broken bones, or scarring and disfigurement. One of the most dangerous and serious injuries one can suffer as a result of someones negligent actions is a traumatic brain injury.

Brain injuries can be the result of a number of accidents ranging from car wrecks to defective products and even slip and fall accidents. If you have suffered an injury due to someone elses actions, you could potentially suffer temporary or permanent disabilities that could impact every part of your life. Fortunately, you may be able to hold the responsible party liable with a civil lawsuit.

Consequences of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can cause severe and sometimes irreversible damage that can impact your professional career as well as personal relationships. An estimated 1.7 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury every year in the United States. Many of them experience consequences such as:

  • * Trouble with language Like with strokes, language disorders are a fairly common consequence of traumatic brain injuries. In many cases, a victim may have trouble speaking, listening, reading, or writing. In severe cases, one may lose his or her language ability altogether.
  • * Compromised motor functions If the area of the brain that controls motor function is damaged, you could lose control of certain muscle movements or may even become paralyzed in certain areas. In many cases, the loss of motor movements could severely affect your ability to perform your job.
  • * Memory loss This can include both short term and long term memory loss. Losing ones memory can impact ones career and also personal relationships.

For More Information

To learn more about how you can take legal action after suffering a traumatic brain injury, get in touch with a Kenosha personal injury lawyer today.

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