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The Off-Road Defense In Washington

One of the many benefits of having an experienced and knowledgeable DUI attorney on your side is he or she can help protect your rights and also help you understand the different exceptions available for your DUI prosecution. One example of these special exemptions in the state of Washington is for drivers who get off the road after realizing they are too intoxicated to operate their motor vehicle safely. This is known as the safely off the roadway defense and can be very useful in your DUI defense case.

This law is targeted for those drivers who get in their cars, recognize they are too intoxicated to continue driving safely, and choose to pull off the road before they put any driver in danger or cause any harm. In these cases, the driver cannot be found guilty of a DUI. If you have been charged with DUI after pulling off the side of the roadway prior to your interaction with a police officer, you have a defense and it is important you stand up for yourself.

Getting Off the Road

There are many cases where a driver may not realize how intoxicated he or she is when they leave a restaurant, bar, or party and get into their vehicle. One on the road, these drivers may then realize they are not fit to drive safely. And, while the law does allow these drivers to pull off the road without the chance of getting a DUI, there are some points of the law to remember:

  • The driver cannot stay in control of the vehicle
  • The driver must pull completely off the roadway safely
  • The driver must pull over on his or her own and not after an officer pursues them and forces them to pull over

If you have any questions about this law and whether it applies to your case, make sure you speak with a skilled DUI lawyer today.

DUI Expungement

Those who are free from prior convictions of driving under the influence as well as felony charges or current criminal charges are eligible for DUI expunction. Essentially, having a DUI taken off of your public record makes it no longer a barrier to you and your future plans. Without expunction, a DUI conviction can go with you anywhere. If you have a DUI on your record and lack any prior or pending alcohol related charges, there is a good chance that a skilled and experienced Dallas expungement attorney can help you get the burden of a previous mistake off of you back.